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Tori Ratcliffe

Tori Ratcliffe is an Edinburgh-based artist, originally from Hampshire, England. She graduated with a First Class Honours degree in Creative Advertising and within a year of leaving university she had managed to turn her passion for art into a thriving career.


Tori was first introduced to watercolour painting by her aunt, but she chose not to embrace the traditional techniques in favour of developing her own. She first applies paint first in loose, expressive strokes then fills in the finer details with ink to create lively and jovial pieces. This process allows her to capture the vitality of her chosen subject; the fine lines of the pen working against the colourful chaos behind it.

Tori's work is inspired by the colours of nature she soaks in as she explores the Scottish countryside with her dogs. Tori is also a huge advocate for wildlife conservation, having raised over £28,000 for various conservation charities through her artwork.

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