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Suzie Emery

Suzie Emery was born in Bedfordshire, England in 1972 and is now based in the Cotswolds. She grew up on a farm which allowed her to develop her love for the natural world and animals from an early age, and with her grandfather being a painter and sculptor, and her twin sister also being an accomplished artist, she has always been surrounded by creativity.

Suzie studied at Amersham & Wycombe College and first stepped into the professional art world through undertaking design work for publishing companies in the 90s. Between designing gift vouchers and food packaging, she began to build up a portfolio of landscapes in her own style.

Suzie loves the vast wilderness of Scottish scenery and finds the Isle of Skye to be particularly alluring; she captures the mystery and majesty of the island perfectly in this stunning collection of prints which is exclusive to We Frame It.

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